How am I doing? The map of countries visited to date.

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‘Never look backwards or you’ll fall down the stairs’
Rudyard Kipling

I’ve been to: all 50 states in the USA and every country in Europe, the Americas and the Caribbean.

My country count is now up to 186 from the current UN list of sovereign nations, plus Taiwan, Kosovo and the Vatican City, also generally considered to be countries, so out of 196 in all. Or 176/197 if you count Palestine.  (Complicated isn’t it?)

But on this map I have also included other destinations that aren’t on that list like, for example, the Cook Islands. And a number of overseas territories, such as the Virgin Islands or French Polynesia are also listed separately, but associated with their mother countries. This count is now: 231 out of 247 possible self-governing territories and countriesReaching over 200 feels like a huge achievement!

Finally, according to this website (lots more travel statistics here) I’m  currently the fifth most travelled person in the UK and the 100th in the world. The rankings change quite quickly!

They did an interview with me recently that you can read at: