United Kingdom

10th July 2018


The little fishing villages are delightful, the views from the headlands to picturesque rocks (artistically arranged on sandy beaches and bestrewn across an emerald hued sea), France and the other Channel Islands are wonderful. It’s one long pageant of variously striped and decorated fortifications: castles, forts, towers, Martello towers, artillery batteries and seawalls.
9th July 2018


England deserves a special page. It's country number 1.  I was born here. I've lived here most of my life. England has rightly been described as the most  diverse island in the world. Every few miles the scenery changes and it's nearly always rewarding, and often amazing. I could easily write a whole book on England, so instead here are a selection of my favourite photographs.
26th May 2018


I hadn’t realised how huge and sheer the face of The Rock is. It’s the first thing I see when I disembark the plane. It’s grey and brooding and there’s cloud hooked right across the two main peaks, which is a little frustrating when Spain to the north is basking in bright sunshine.
8th April 2018

Isle of Man

There's a bewildering choice of transport on offer today. In addition to the usual buses and aforementioned motorbikes there are steam railways, electric railways, electric trams and horse drawn trams (these clomp loudly past my bedroom window). There’s even a horse drawn double-decker bus.
11th September 2017


It’s not the Caribbean, but today is very humid and it feels like the Caribbean. It looks sort of like the Caribbean, but an incredibly manicured, affluent version. There is no evident poverty. The hills are lined with pastel coloured houses and mansions with immaculate gardens and lawns.
31st January 2016

Turks & Caicos

Every day is different when you’re travelling. I chance my arm on a Caribbean airline from Port au Prince today to avoid going back to Miami. Inter Caribbean do a hop direct to Providenciales. I am a bit wary after LIAT (Leave Island Any Time) last year. Check in isn’t reassuring, I have to wait an hour while they tape up a pile of cardboard boxes one group of passengers is carrying.
27th May 2015


I was ten when I went to Wales and enormously excited to make my first trip ‘abroad’. The parents of a school friend took me with them on their family holiday. I was very disappointed that there didn’t seem to be any kind of border crossing at Welshpool.
8th December 2014

British Virgin Islands

I can see a scattering of gorgeous islands floating on blue, blue sea out of my window. Pelicans with huge scoop bills are diving above the palm trees, the broad avian equivalent of the A380. Villages are crammed with pastel coloured houses and criss-cross boarded drinking shacks
30th July 2014


The harbour is dominated by thirteenth-century Castle Cornet. Here, there are several museums to entertain and scarlet uniformed gunners parade out to music at midday and fire the(very noisy) noon day gun.
9th April 2011


 I hop on a helicopter to Montserrat  for the day and marvel at the volcanic ash and the buried villages and other buildings.
25th January 2010


Scotland is stunning. I was captivated on my first trip (midges notwithstanding) from the moment I crossed into the rolling hills of border country.
31st December 2004

Cayman Islands

I blush and point. 'Ah yes', he says, 'we call those the trailer trash of the sea'.
22nd April 2002

Northern Ireland

The countryside was pleasantly pastoral, but not stunning. The highlight was undoubtedly a visit to the Giant’s Causeway. Chilly, but magnificent.