12th January 2016
15th January 2016
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U.S.A. – Miami

Country number: 32
Territory number: 34

When?   January 2016  – coming from The Bahamas. Next stop – Haiti.
How?     Flying in – overnight hotel -walking
Who?     Solo

See what Sue says

‘The youth of America is their oldest tradition. It has been going on now for three hundred years. To hear them talk one would imagine they were in their first childhood. As far as civilisation goes they are in their second.’

Oscar Wilde

As hip as it gets

I have a night in Miami before I transfer to Haiti. More pastel buildings, but this time art deco on South Beach. It’s about as hip as it gets. And I’m in the Delano Hotel – I got a good deal so I’m in the coolest spot on the planet relaxing with the beautiful people beside the pool bungalows and beds. We even get our own towelling bed cover. And everything is white. My room has a white chaise longue and a walk in closet and the bathroom is all white marble. I don’t think Haiti will be like this.