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Trinidad and Tobago

Country number: 97
Territory number: 105

When?   October 2009
How?     Car, bike, boat
Who?     Solo

See what Sue says

‘Better belly buss, than good food waste’

Trinidadian proverb

British Airways put out a very tempting offer in the summer-flights to Tobago for half the usual Air Miles. And I have enough of those, so it seems ordained, even though I have to shoehorn this week in. They offer me premium economy for very little extra and then upgrade me to business. So I am a very happy bunny.

I spend most of my day time on the sands reading and the evenings eating. The hotel has its own lovely beach surrounded by a stone arm, to create a lagoon with a little gentle snorkelling. The clients are mainly British and super-friendly. I hardly eat dinner on my own. And there is a giant owl tethered to the restaurant railings. His duty is to frighten the local fowl away so that they don’t swoop into the open air room (views across the bay) to steal the diners’ food. It works to a certain extent. There are a lot of pretty birds in Tobago and the clients quite like feeding them.

I take an island tour in a car to admire some of the other renowned island beaches and decide that, as far as I can see, my hotel is the nicest. Most of the shores are deserted. I venture out on a hire bike and accidentally fall into conversation with a dreadlocked local wheeling his own cycle with one hand and waving a reefer in the other.

‘Shall we cycle together?’

‘I haven’t time’ I reply, warily.

‘Ok, a drink later?’

‘Maybe another day’.

I escape back to my hotel. The next day on the beach I’m reading peacefully when I notice there’s a great deal of splashing in the water in front of me. An animal in trouble? A shark? No, it’s my friend from the day before. He’s swum right round the point to come and visit. I have to admire his tenacity.

Trinidad and Tobago is a two island nation, with its capital, Port of Spain, on Trinidad

Port of Spain hosts the biggest carnival in the Caribbean

Trinidad is the birthplace of the steel pan  and the limbo dance

The smaller island of Tobago is known for its beaches, its brain coral and the Main Ridge Forest Reserve

This is the happiest country in the Caribbean

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