30th June 2016

Spain – Salamanca

When we reach Spain, via a lengthy spectacular gorge, there is an extended day trip to Salamanca. Another university city, there are two cathedrals (connected) and a spire at the end of every street.
9th June 2016

Spain – Albir

I am a little concerned when I realise how close to Benidorm we are staying. I remember Benidorm as having crammed beaches, tea as mother makes it, fish and chips on every corner and towering garish apartment blocks
31st December 2015

Spain – Madrid and Around

It was very cold. The bus was bumpy.
1st December 2004

Spain – Lanzarote

This is a singles holiday and I’m making the most of it, so it doesn’t really matter that the south of Lanzarote (Playa Blanca) is a concrete jungle, with a very long paseo maritimo and a sprawl of hotels.
1st October 2004

Spain – Bilbao

I knew Bilbao was a port, I knew it was the centre of the Basque separatist movement and  latterly I knew about it because of the new Guggenheim Museum. I adore Frank Gehry’s scaley monstrosities, so it was an ideal weekend trip.
1st May 2000

Spain – Barcelona

Above all, the amazing art - the Miro Foundation, the authenticity of the stone roomed Picasso Museum, the sheer bonkers-ness of Dali’s work, especially the house at Portlligat (a bus ride away) and of course, Antoni Gaudi.