30th June 2016
China – Xinjiang
30th August 2016

Spain – Salamanca

Country number: 4
Territory number: 5

When?   June 2016
How?      River cruise up the Douro and bus, from our boat in Portugal, back to our boat
Who?      With friend Sue 

See what Sue says

City of spires

When we reach Spain, via a lengthy spectacular gorge, there is an extended day trip to Salamanca. Another university city, there are two cathedrals (connected) and a spire at the end of every street. Although there are plenty of marshals it takes a long time to round everyone up at the end of the day. One lady is totally lost and a couple confess that they didn’t go in the cathedral because they couldn’t find the entrance. I notice that they found the street cafes and drank wine all afternoon without any problem.


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