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1st October 2015
10th January 2016
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Spain – Madrid and Around

Country number: 4
Territory number: 5

When?   A long time ago
How?      Overland from France through to Portugal and back, in our car, camping , return to France via Andorra
Who?      With Don 

See what Sue says

  • A circular tour of Spain crossing the border from Bordeaux. The rain in Spain does seem to fall mainly in the plain. Most of our journey is at elevation, and arid. and we have searing sun driving through the peninsula in August.
  • Madrid – quiet- I expect everyone’s on holiday. Hieronymus Bosch is the stand out at at the Prado.
  • Toledo – quaint houses, a cathedral, El Greco and sunstroke
  • Seville- cobbled streets, carriages and palm trees. Don is in a hurry and cross because we’d got lost.
  • Granada – cathedrals, Moorish architecture, Ferdinand and Isabella’s tombs and troglodytes. And the song that keeps running through my head….
  • Up the coastal road to the Costa Dorada, and then through to Andorra. Don is still speeding along. ……….

When?   December 2015 
How?     Open top  bus tour of Madrid centre during layover en route to Colombia
Who?     Solo

See what Sue says

  • It is very cold
  • It is getting dark
  • The bus is extremely bumpy
  • And I don’t have time to get off
  • Apologies