Burkina Faso
18th August 2006
23rd May 2007
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St Lucia

Country number: 68
Territory number: 74

When?   April 2001, 2003, August 2007 with side-trips to Martinique and St Vincent and the Grenadines
How?      Car, local plane
Who?     Solo

See what Sue says

‘When your friend’s beard catches fire, sprinkle water on your own’

St Lucian proverb

Le Sport

I seem to have the happy knack at the moment of picking the holiday that just meets my needs. Le Sport (all inclusive)  is blissful. Waves lapping on palm tree lined beach , three swimming pools and I just lay here and snap my fingers at waiters who scurry around and fetch anything you want. Champagne, pina colada, oasis mama, fruit punch. Anything. Every so often I roll off my sunbed into the sea and go snorkelling. Or have a treatment at the Oasis up the hill. Revivng champagne needed when you get there. So far  I have had massage, seaweed wrap, aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, scalp treatment and so on…..The coconut de luxe combo was quite interesting………

In between you can do classes golf, archery, tennis, scuba, snorkelling, tubing, windsurfing, sailing, water skiing, fencing, aqua tone, Pilates, yoga, keep fit and so on and so on. I’m exhausted already and I’ve only tried half of them so far.

After all that exercise you need to eat. I go from breakfast to the deli which has a juice bar and salads and stuff and then to the lunch buffet (Mexican, Indian, Caribbean…) followed by tea, scones, cream, sandwiches, cakes, then dinner in a choice of three places. Cocktails start at 10 a.m. and are best in the terrace jacuzzi at midnight though the waiters made me fetch those myself.

All my food resolutions have gone totally out of the window. Free champagne – the ultimate dieter’s challenge. There’s dancing every night till 3 ish and some don’t bother to go to bed at all. Everyone’s really friendly, particularly the gym instructors. One tried to persuade me to have a private massage yesterday evening. Six o’clock in your room then?.

I haven’t been outside the hotel gates yet (after a week ) though I am venturing out tomorrow with a car, so will probably need rehabilitation therapy. But not till I’ve had my Swedish massage.

Have to go. There’s a line of margaritas waiting for me and I just can’t decide whether to do archery or fencing next.