18th October 2008
20th September 2009


Country number: 95
Territory number: 103

When?   July 2009,  coming from Dubai
How?     Cars, boats
Who?     Travelling with Alex

See what Sue says

‘Build with silver and cover with gold.’
Omani Proverb

  • A few days luxuriating at the Chedi in Muscat
  • The hotel is ultimate chic, infinity pools and several glitzy restaurants, one with four kitchens offering different national foods
  • The landscape is starkly brown, but awe inspiringly beautiful as it rises to the mountains forming the backdrop to the clear waters of the gulf of Oman
  • A boat trip is almost obligatory
  • The Muscat souk is small, but authentic, and it is fascinating to see how Oman is being improved by its ruler, with Arab culture being renovated and enhanced and schools and other infrastructure developed



  1. Cheryl and David says:

    You visited before the building of the Grand Mosque which was completed a year or so before we went which was 2015. The “Sultan’s gift to his people.” We thought it was one of the most exquisite and moving buildings we’ve ever experienced. It’s worth going again just to spend time with this. There’s a lot more to see in Oman aside from this. Need to go again… .

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