New Zealand

23rd September 2019


I have to confess to being slightly relieved after Rami has warned us about not provoking mothers with calves, told us not to scream and instructed us to tear back to the boat pell mell if they start to breach...
20th October 2001

New Zealand – South Island

You're supposed to do the Awesome Foursome (Bungee, helicopter, jet boat and white water rafting). The ski season has also just finished, much to my disappointment, but I do take a jet boat ride. It is supposed to be a tame one, but I get the co-pilot’s seat and I end up with arms like Twizzle and a massof bruises after the pilot has finished demonstrating his ability to execute 360 degree turns in four inches of water.
13th September 1991

New Zealand – North Island

Rotarua is another mandatory stop in New Zealand. The geysers are prolific, exhilarating and stink of sulphur.