3rd September 2012
11th December 2012
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Country number: 43 (China)
Territory number: 124

When?    September 2012  – last leg of trip. Coming from Fiji.
How?      On the ferry from Kowloon, local guide
Who?      Solo 

See what Sue says
‘Macau is China’s domestic market, … don’t care if you are Chinese, Indian, European, you are supposed to go to the buffet.’
Stanley Ho

Sep 6 Hong Kong

Air Pathetic took off on time today. Just when you wouldn’t mind if they cancel a flight they don’t. I am really sorry to leave the South Pacific. It’s been really great. Am now in Honkers again-and guess what- it’s raining. Though every cloud has a silver lining – my hotel is running one of those big Asian buffets.

Sep 7 The Asian Strip

Day trip on the hovercraft to Macau. By the skin of my teeth, as the tour company have forgotten to come and pick me up. I’ve had varying reports on Macau. It’s reported as nothing but casinos, tawdry. But I’ve always wanted to go and never quite managed to fit it in before. It’s fascinating and well worth the trip. An Asian Las Vegas, with 35 themed casinos; volcanoes, glittering balls, tower with bungee jump; the lot. And more being constructed. This is where China makes its money- the Chinese love to gamble. There are also scarlet and gold Tao temples, pink and white colonial Portuguese mansions and a cobbled World Heritage old town area.

Sep 8 Homeward Bound

Now it really is time to come home. The sky is blue-it’s stopped raining. The plane is on time.