Italy – There and back again, early journeys
9th August 1980
4th December 1980
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Country number: 9
Territory number: 11

When?   A long time ago. Coming from Austria, going on to Switzerland 
How?     Camping, with the car
Who?    With Don

See what Sue says

‘God sinks our boat, but he does not make us drown.’

Liechtensteiner proverb

  • Don has home in his sights now. I’m only just allowed to get out of the car long enough to say I’ve actually been in the country. Vaduz is a whistle stop tour. Another castle on a hill and the River Rhein.
  • There are plenty of ski lifts running up the slopes as we speed past…
  • I borrowed the pictures from a friend.

 Liechtenstein is double landlocked: to reach the sea one must cross at least two borders. The only other doubly landlocked country is Uzbekistan.
Around half of Liechtenstein’s territory is mountainous and Liechtenstein is the only country with 100% of its area in the alpine region
Despite that Liechtenstein is one of the most heavily industrialised countries in the world, has the highest per capita GDP, and is one of only five countries which have no government debt.
The number of business registered in this tiny tax haven is double the number of residents, which is 37,000
The crime rate is so low that the average Liechtenstein resident reportedly doesn’t even lock their front door. Its prison is built to hold 20– currently half of that space is in occupation
Liechtenstein’s national flag is the same as that of Haiti. No-one realised until the opening ceremony of the 1936 Olympic games. This prompted Liechtenstein to add the crown found in their current flag a year later. They’ve also ‘ borrowed’ their national anthem, using the same melody as the UK’s God Save the Queen.