9th May 2017

Japan – Blossom Tour

I'm in Ishigakijima, one of the Yaeyama islands, Okinawa prefecture. Basically, this is about as far south as Japan goes. Japan here doesn’t seem to be as high tech as I remember it to be but that was 15 years ago. Yes, everyone is toting their gadgets but the stores are utilitarian and piled high with oddments, plastic toys and confectionery, which is annoying, as I've already lost all my electronic chargers.
9th October 2001

Japan – Classic Tour

Japan is quite frightening when you first arrive-all modern and overwhelming and Oh My God how do I know where to go? Until you realise there are little English signs in most places under the Japanese script. And the locals, though shy and blushing, are helpful, when asked. Tokyo is huge and it takes forever to get across the city on the metro. Everyone sits very quietly. Some have their eyes shut. I wonder if they’ve fallen asleep or if they are meditating