2nd July 2017

Italy – Sicily

What was I expecting from Sicily? Eruptions (Etna has been active for 3500 years and is the largest volcano in Europe), the Mafia (though not necessarily toting machine guns in violin cases) and huge lemons.
2nd July 2017

Italy – Rimini and Bologna

I only came to Bologna because the airline routing to Sicily worked best this way. Wow- it’s amazing. A glorious cornucopia of wonderful architecture. Why isn’t it on more bucket lists?
7th June 2017

Italy – Sardinia

Against all the odds the Costa Smeralda is exactly as I hoped and expected. Our bay near the port of Baja Sardinia is very pretty with views across extraordinary curly rock formations.
28th June 2013

Italy – Rome

Early June is quite a good time to visit Rome. It’s warm, but not so hot that walking is an effort. The Colosseum, the Forum and the numerous cupolas are admirably framed against a clear blue sky.
28th June 2013

Vatican City

Visiting the Vatican is a daunting affair. The crowds are huge, and the queues lengthy. To be frank it’s a scrum....
9th August 1980

Italy – There and back again, early journeys

We consumed delicious calamari in a delightful side street restaurant. Gondolas were ruled out, on the grounds of cost, but the arias that accompanied the tourists with money to burn wafted past us.