25th January 2018

India – Andaman Islands

Huge badok trees (think mahogany) framed by fragrant flowered creeper, butterflies and birds and the usual accompanying cacophony of sound.
6th September 2016

India – Kashmir

The Portuguese lawyer is considering what might transpire now we are all marooned afloat with these deranged passengers. This could be murder on the Orient Boat -Arsenic and Old Lace.
31st January 2013

India – Goa

My hotel might be quiet but Goa is rocking, very different to my last visit five years ago. The Hispanic architecture, huge churches and narrow stone walled lanes, with wrought iron gates and intricate bell towers remain. But the streets and beaches are thronged with Russians, huge bellies, ape like arms and teeny swimsuits too small even to smuggle budgies.
31st December 2012

India – Mumbai

Mumbai is very different to the rest of India. It's huge, sprawling and increasingly full of skyscrapers intermingled with Victorian villas and mansions, as well as the inevitable slums, including Dharavi, (the largest in the world, where Slumdog Millionaire was filmed).
31st December 2012

India – Tiger Tour

My goodness it's cold here in the early morning. I've got a blanket, scarf, gloves, fleece, a cardigan and a thankfully packed at the Iast minute cagoule and it's still freezing in the jeep.
10th November 2009

India – Across the Middle

This trip to India begins in the most unpromising fashion as I manage to acquire an upset stomach before I’ve even met the other participants.
19th May 2003

India – Kerala

On to a boat cruise in the Periyar ‘Tiger Safari’ park. As Lonely Planet says ‘it doesn’t scream wildlife experience’. It’s an artificial lake made by the British and the boat is crammed with noisy Indian tourists. Unsurprisingly, we fail to spot any tigers,