19th May 2010
18th August 2010


When? August 1976 
How?    Car, boat, bus, 
Who?    With Don

  • A first much anticipated two centre trip to the mainland (Lagonissi) and Crete (Mallia)
  • Day trips from Lagonissi to the Saronic Islands: Aegina, Poros and Hydra (lots of donkeys), Athens and the Acropolis (of course) and Cape Sounion, for the Temple of Poseidon and Corinth
  • Day trips in Crete to Heraklion and the Palace of Knossos (we got a lift on the back of a farmer’s motorised truck)

When? Late 1970s
How?    Car, boat, bus
Who?    With Don

  • The Ionians: Corfu
  • I didn’t do enough research and we stayed in Kavos. It was the Ayia Napa of its time, all beach bars and young people drinking. I must have been very staid.
  • There were still plenty of olive groves, honey and yogurt and the smell of wild thyme

When? Sometime in the early 1980s
How?    Car, boat, bus, 
Who?    With Don

  • The Cyclades: Ios via ferry from Santorini (fabulous views)

When?  Sometime in the late 1980s
How?    Car, boat, bus, scooter
Who?    With Tony

  • A return to the Ionians: Cephalonia
  • Captain Corelli hadn’t been written then but there was a lot of earthquake damage evident still and the earth shook while we were in bed one day (it was a tremor).
  • We rented a scooter, which proved to be much too exciting. We went over on a mountain bend, with my leg stuck underneath. (I hadn’t read the stories about mafia extortion and scooter rental at that point)
  • Nevertheless, there were enough deserted beaches for us to find a different one for each day
  • Fiskardo was vividly enchanting
  • We made side trips to Ithaca, Zante and Olympia
  • There were hundreds of olive groves

When? April 1992
How?    Car, boat, bus,
Who?    With Chris

  • The Dodacanese: Rhodes
  • The weather was almost warm enough to sunbathe, but not quite
  • We made a side trip to stunning Symi, the sponge capital of Greece

When? August 1998
How?    Car, boat, bus
Who?    With Neil

  • A return to the Dodacanese: Kos
  • The weather was sizzling hot and the island was crowded
  • We made a side trip to Nisyros to see the volcano
  • There weren’t so many olive groves, but
  • There was a lot of retsina, which tastes ok cold out of the barrels (honest) and
  • I acquired a taste for saganaki (fried cheese) – delicious, though it squeaks in your mouth when you eat it

When? August 1999
How?    Car, boat,
Who?    With Neil

  • A return to Crete
  • This time to Paleochora in the south, where the Greeks go on holiday
  • The village was delightful
  • At night all the roads were closed and the tavernas filled the tarmac with white cloth covered tables and creaky wood chairs
  • Neil scared me silly with his driving over the mountain passes
  • We walked (part of) the Samaria Gorge (it was hot)
  • And sunbathed by gorgeous Balos Lagoon

When?  May 2010
How?    Boat, bus
Who?    Singles holiday

  • A return to the Cyclades: Mykonos
  • It’s very stylish, Gucci and Tiffany in classic white wash
  • The iconic windmills stand guard over the town, posing for photographs (if you can manage one without tourists in it you’ve done very well)
  • The beaches aren’t stunning, but who needs them when you can lounge on a muslin swathed sunbed, shop till you drop or eat in eye-poppingly expensive restaurants? (Well- me?)
  • The internet says its’ ‘the ultimate gay destination’. Maybe, it wasn’t the best place to go for my singles holiday

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