22nd December 2016

Argentina – Buenos Aires

It takes all day to get to Buenos Aires - I arrive at my hotel at eight. I'm lucky. Some poor souls camped out in the baggage hall have been waiting five hours for their luggage as the handlers are on strike too. It seems it was a general transport strike in protest at the government's response ( or lack of it) to proposed tax cuts.
7th January 2005

Argentina – Patagonia

Then to Argentina El Calafate and an excursion to the colossal Perito Moreno glacier. Nearly 300 feet high, a land area the size of Buenos Aires and a mass of blue peaks like giant frozen penguins marching into the sea. (There are more real penguins, too).
28th January 2019


It’s not quite a naturalist’s paradise, but it houses flocks of shags and other waterfowl, all vying for space on the relative tranquillity of the tiny islets in the lakes and a varied assortment of harassed looking lizards and iguanas, retreating to the undergrowth.
19th January 2019

Bolivia – Atacama and Uyuni to La Paz

The carved peaks, canyons, huge salt lakes, volcanic cones and flat, open valleys are uniquely beautiful and genuinely rainbow coloured, with starkly contrasting blues, greens, purples, yellow, orange and reds. It’s vividly surreal.
15th August 2000

Bolivia – Titicaca to La Paz

The famous Witches' Market is a fascinating (and creepy) hotch potch of weird items: spell boxes, amulets, lotions and potions, llama foetuses (essential for the foundations of new buildings), aphrodisiacs, snakes, dried frogs, turtles, feathers and armadillos. Presiding over this hocus pocus are the ladies of La Paz in their scarves and bowler hats.
28th January 2019


There are tall metal windmills running pumps, numerous small ranches and some goats scattered across the countryside. Road signs also warn of wild donkeys and sure enough we encounter a small, shy group, grazing in the scrub.
30th July 2004


I’ve already learned to love the national drink, the caipirinha. A typical serving costs about 50 pence and is lethal. One is usually plenty. Kurt and Candida go one better than just getting drunk and participate in a mock wedding at one bar. The ring is a free gift.
18th January 2019

Chile – Desert and Volcanoes

I wake to an incredible view of the Andes, snow spattered. The plane is descending, before commencing a sharp, and slightly alarming, ninety degree turn into Santiago, just the other side of the mountain range; there isn’t much space between me and some of the frosted peaks I’m eyeballing. We pop, not entirely smoothly, over some glistening salt pans, before coming into land.
6th January 2005

Chile – Easter Island and Patagonia

From the tranquillity of the Everglades to the tranquillity of Easter island. The journey not so tranquil. Three flights. Rice and chicken three times. Around the World in 80 Days three times (not worth seeing the first time and, anyway, am doing it in 62!). Lose my tickets - all of them.