11th September 2017


It’s not the Caribbean, but today is very humid and it feels like the Caribbean. It looks sort of like the Caribbean, but an incredibly manicured, affluent version. There is no evident poverty. The hills are lined with pastel coloured houses and mansions with immaculate gardens and lawns.
5th September 2017

U.S.A. – The Last States

My mission is to visit all fifty states. I have about ten to go, so I’ve booked four Amtrak rail journeys. That’s rather over covering my bets, but each of the blurbs said that their journey was the most scenic in the states. At Emeryville, just outside San Francisco, I’m already beginning to think I might have been a little rash. The California Zephyr train to Chicago is positively antique.
15th August 2017

U.S.A. – Hawaii

The sand is golden and the clear blue sea is swarming with surfers, paddles and boards. I don’t know how they manage to manoeuvre the boards at all. Surely you must get taken out as soon as you set off it’s so crowded out there.
13th August 2017

American Samoa

In the departure lounge in Apia a cynically pessimistic little Chinese man carries out a running commentary on how most Samoans need two seats and won’t be able to exit the plane door without pushing each other out. He says that the McDonald’s in Pago Pago is the highest grossing franchise in the USA.
12th January 2016

U.S.A. – Miami – Florida

I have a night in Miami before I transfer to Haiti. More pastel buildings but this time art deco on South Beach. It’s about as hip as it gets. And I'm in the Delano Hotel – I got a good deal so I’m in the coolest spot on the planet relaxing with the beautiful people beside the pool bungalows and beds..
15th September 2013

U.S.A. – New England in the Fall

The first hour is horribly hairy. Trying to get out of Logan Airport is like being in a Kafka novel. Then there are a whole succession of roundabouts and left turns to challenge me. But I head across Massachusetts to Maine and then New Hampshire and into Vermont and boy, is it worth it. Indian summer has returned and by some extraordinary good luck I have managed to hit peak fall foliage. Sunset is painted all along the verges and reflected in the still green water.
14th September 2013


The train chugs past hills that gradually increase in height to mountains capped with the first snow of the winter, turquoise rivers and endless fir trees mingled with birch and aspen.These are turning a golden yellow and when the sun peeps out, as it does on occasion, the views are glorious. Unfortunately, there is still some rain as well. There are very few inhabitants, just the odd lumberjack at a saw mill or floating logs or a farmhand feeding the pigs and a sprinkle of log cabins
1st September 2013

U.S.A. – Route 66

Breakfast in Lou Mitchell's old fashioned wooden diner, voted 'best breakfast in the USA’. It's pretty good and we get free doughnut holes (I thought that would be a handful of nothing, but it's the scooped out middles) and little round caramel chocolates called milk duds. Route 66 signs all over the walls, so we have to take photos.
29th June 2011

U.S.A. – Alaska

Alaska is so gorgeous I’m almost lost for words. The weather is beautiful, most of the time, except when it comes to trying to spot elusive Denali (Mount McKinley).