15th September 2014

U.A.E. – Dubai

The breakfast buffet is gargantuan (probably the best selection of food so far, in relation to my palate anyway) and it is served till eleven. So I decide to eat as late as possible, with the aim of stoking up and skipping lunch. However, everyone else has the same cunning plan and the restaurant is heaving. It's boiling hot, well almost, 44 degrees and humid. My iPad has shut down because it's over heated - in the shade.
19th June 2012

U.A.E. – Abu Dhabi

Last weekend I did a double decker bus tour of the city and walked down the corniche to the Emirates Palace Hotel and I have now seen all that there is to see in Abu Dhabi. The hotel was originally built as a palace for the sheik who then decided that he didn’t like it. Its’s very swish, coffee with real gold flakes on top..
27th July 2009


The hotel is ultimate chic, infinity pools and several glitzy restaurants, one with four kitchens offering different national foods