10th August 1981


It was Egypt that really ignited my travel curiosity. I was already besotted with the ancient history –all those gods and goddesses. A friend’s husband, Ian, showed us slides of his student travels. He only took canned food along to avoid the stomach bugs. I was hooked.
30th August 2004


To pass the time on deck the group have been setting me challenges. So far I’ve done the Seven Deadly Sins (with photographic evidence (gluttony and sloth are nicely combined by lazing on the deck demanding to be fed grapes) and the Seven Dwarves. Now we’re moving on to the Big Brother awards.
27th July 2009


The hotel is ultimate chic, infinity pools and several glitzy restaurants, one with four kitchens offering different national foods
19th June 2012

U.A.E. – Abu Dhabi

Last weekend I did a double decker bus tour of the city and walked down the corniche to the Emirates Palace Hotel and I have now seen all that there is to see in Abu Dhabi.
15th September 2014

U.A.E. – Dubai

It's boiling hot, well almost, 44 degrees and humid. My iPad has shut down because it's over heated - in the shade.
30th October 2014


I got to see Qatar from the back seat of my chauffeur driven car on my two hour round trip into work from the capital, Doha, each day. There was a lot of flat desert.
4th November 2018


Baalbek is truly astonishing. It’s on a par with Karnak and Abu Simbel- an incredible complex of three Roman temples.