2nd July 2017


Two women on my tour had already been there for a long weekend. They assured me quite firmly that I hadn’t missed anything. In fact the word ‘dump’ was injected into the conversation several times.
4th December 1980


 Wikipedia describes this as a tiny principality. It’s not wrong. 40 kilometres from one side to the other.
23rd October 2017


No prizes for guessing why they call Yerevan the "Pink City". It is one of the world’s oldest inhabited cities, constructed 29 years before Rome.
3rd April 1990

Austria – Vienna, Salzburg and Innsbruck

Vienna is just as Graham Greene describes. We're still on the Danube.  We catch trams around the Ringstrasse. Harry Lime still lurks on the wheel in the Prater Park.
19th May 2010

Austria – Vorarlberg

St Anton is an attractive mix of űber-cool modern, intermixed with alpine charm. And you won’t have any trouble making yourself understood. You’ll hear English spoken everywhere, most of it with a public school accent. This is Austria’s main chalet resort, but there is also a good selection of hotels, most of them fairly expensive.
25th October 2017


Azerbaijan is home to half of the world’s population of mud volcanoes, over 400 in fact, so naturally we have petitioned to have them added to today’s tour to Gobustan Park.
10th February 2004


I’ve chosen an independent hotel on a beautiful stretch of sand just south of the infamous Sandy Lane Hotel. This is the establishment where the likes of Simon Cowell hang out though, of course, we can’t see them from our lowly section, as it’s fenced off.
15th October 2017


Overall, Minsk feels more Russian than Russia. There’s a Lenin Street (and a Lenin statue), a Karl Marx street, a GUM department store, a Gorky Park and the KGB. Everyone speaks in Russian.
8th August 1980


Four minutes walk to the Grand Place and we've seen most of the sights now. We sat on the steps in the square and were moved on by the police. Apparently it’s not allowed.