23rd May 2003

St Vincent and the Grenadines

A delightful day trip from St Lucia on a small plane.
4th January 2005

Cayman Islands

I blush and point. 'Ah yes', he says, 'we call those the trailer trash of the sea'.
4th January 2005


Before we landed in Jamaica the on-board entertainers  made us practise saying 'Ya man'. On land it is more a case of 'Naw man'.
23rd May 2007

St Lucia

Waves lapping on palm tree lined beach , three swimming pools and I just lay here and snap my fingers at waiters who scurry around and fetch anything you want. Champagne, pina colada, oasis mama, fruit punch. Anything. Every so often I roll off my sunbed into the sea and go snorkelling.
23rd May 2007


A day trip from St Lucia on a ferry; it’s a very choppy stretch of water. The Caribbean is very far from being a tranquil holiday paradise at times. There isn’t time to explore beyond the capital – Fort de France.
22nd May 2008


A sunset boat cruise round the picturesque harbour of St George, with the compulsory rum punch, is relaxing. A car around the island makes a better escape. The weather is still not great, but there are flowers aplenty and rum distilleries and plantation houses to visit.
9th November 2009

Trinidad and Tobago

The hotel has its own lovely beach surrounded by a stone arm, to create a lagoon with a little gentle snorkelling. The clients are mainly British and super-friendly. I hardly eat dinner on my own
9th April 2011


 I hop on a helicopter to Montserrat  for the day and marvel at the volcanic ash and the buried villages and other buildings.
8th December 2014

British Virgin Islands

I can see a scattering of gorgeous islands floating on blue, blue sea out of my window. Pelicans with huge scoop bills are diving above the palm trees, the broad avian equivalent of the A380. Villages are crammed with pastel coloured houses and criss-cross boarded drinking shack