31st January 2016

Turks & Caicos

Every day is different when you’re travelling. I chance my arm on a Caribbean airline from Port au Prince today to avoid going back to Miami. Inter Caribbean do a hop direct to Providenciales. I am a bit wary after LIAT (Leave Island Any Time) last year. Check in isn’t reassuring, I have to wait an hour while they tape up a pile of cardboard boxes one group of passengers is carrying.
15th January 2016


The small group tour in Haiti is actually a small group tour this time. There are six of us. A very much retired married couple who have already been everywhere, two married Mancunian men (of course) and a lady from California who has also already been everywhere. They all seem relatively normal and good company.
12th January 2016

U.S.A. – Miami – Florida

I have a night in Miami before I transfer to Haiti. More pastel buildings but this time art deco on South Beach. It’s about as hip as it gets. And I'm in the Delano Hotel – I got a good deal so I’m in the coolest spot on the planet relaxing with the beautiful people beside the pool bungalows and beds..
12th January 2016


Who knew that there were over 700 islands in the Bahamas? I'm on an archipelago of about 365 of them called the Exumas. (Amazing how often there are 365 of things isn’t it?). From my balcony I can see a sprinkling of them, peeking out of the water to form a picture perfect scene.
10th January 2016


I'm supposed to be on a group tour for two weeks, but there is only one other person in my group. He clearly has Aspergers and it's like travelling with a very self centred demanding child. I think he's also gay. Surely my luck has to improve at some point?
31st December 2014


My gorgeous little hotel is right on Grand Case Beach, a large turquoise bay, with views across to eel shaped Anguilla. Grand Case is renowned for its French restaurants- about 50 of them lining the waterfront. I have views across the bay from my balcony and a nonstop natural history documentary by my door.
31st December 2014

St Barthelemy

St Barthelemy (named after Columbus' brother) is another piece of the French West Indies and this time it's a replica of the Côte d'Azur. The capital, Gustavia, is full of high end shops- and beautiful people. Gustavia- as it was a Swedish colony in Napoleonic times. La Plage de St Jean has sand floored beach bars, plush hotels and the whitest sand, with water for which the word aquamarine was invented.
31st December 2014

Antigua & Barbuda

Antigua is a country of beguiling bays and is reckoned to have 365 beaches- we’ve been here before- so there is nothing for it but to head to nearby Pigeon Beach, which is yellow and gorgeous, and laze on the sand.
31st December 2014


Today's beach is Anse Crawen; there is a log to perch on, plenty of sand flies and some reasonable snorkelling round the headland.