10th August 1981


It was Egypt that really ignited my travel curiosity. I was already besotted with the ancient history –all those gods and goddesses. A friend’s husband, Ian, showed us slides of his student travels. He only took canned food along to avoid the stomach bugs. I was hooked.
11th September 1988

China – Tibet

The bus breaks down frequently. When it does the drivers disappear underneath, burnishing spanners and more Tibetans appear miraculously and help to get it on its way again. If our bus runs smoothly the road is blocked by other buses or trucks that have broken down, often tipping ominously to one side.
31st August 1996

China – Through the Middle

It was really a good route right up through the middle, with a wiggle to the west and Sichuan/Yunnan) taking in all the major tourist sights. In those days touring was still very controlled and there was a lot of army surveillance, hotels were dubious and the many diverse sights amazing
22nd May 1997

Malaysia – Borneo

Malaysia is unexpectedly orderly compared to much of Asia. And very British.
22nd January 2000


A see-in the new millennium beach break - 120 island resorts to choose from in the Maldives.
31st October 2000

Hong Kong

Perhaps the best part is the bus journey back to Hong Kong airport with marvellous views of the city and skyscrapers lit up against the whole of the bay.
22nd May 2001

Indonesia – East of Java

We use local transport and are crammed onto local buses along with live chickens, sacks of flour and some very dubious odours..
24th June 2001


There’s a gloomy lino floored monastery, where the friendly monks have trained cats to jump through hoops (for donations of course).
24th July 2001


The remaining huge tree root tentacles grasping onto the ruins only add to the atmosphere. I expect Lara Croft to appear at any moment.