18th January 2018


The city is relentlessly noisy. Everyone drives with their hands on their horns the whole time.
10th November 2009


The renowned Tiger's Nest, built on a rock around 10,000 feet above sea level is truly breath-taking – in both senses of the word.
8th January 2018

Brunei Darussalam

Kampung Ayer is (or rather was) a maze of ramshackle structures wobbling on the Brunei River.
24th July 2001


The remaining huge tree root tentacles grasping onto the ruins only add to the atmosphere. I expect Lara Croft to appear at any moment.
31st August 1996

China – Through the Middle

It was really a good route right up through the middle, with a wiggle to the west and Sichuan/Yunnan) taking in all the major tourist sights. In those days touring was still very controlled and there was a lot of army surveillance, hotels were dubious and the many diverse sights amazing
30th August 2016

China – Xinjiang

Shangri-La is punctuated by stops at border crossings for more passport checks as we inch closer to China. There is the pre-border check in Kyrgyzstan, then the stamp the passport Kyrgyzstan stop,
9th May 2017

China – Beijing

The nine million bicycles have dwindled to about three. There are at least nine million cars instead, probably more, as it has a population of 22 million.
19th August 2011

China – Shanghai, Yangtze Gorges and locality

China has changed a great deal in 15 years. The people are friendlier and seem to be quite a bit taller too.
11th September 1988

China – Tibet

The bus breaks down frequently. When it does the drivers disappear underneath, brandishing spanners and more Tibetans appear miraculously and help to get it on its way again. If our bus runs smoothly the road is blocked by other buses or trucks that have broken down, often tipping ominously to one side.