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Western Sahara – Laid back Layounne

The people in the shops are gloomy too – guide Khalil says it because they don’t like getting up when the weather is like this and often stay in bed until midday. I don’t notice that their mood improves as the day progresses.

Western Sahara – Where the desert meets the sea

It’s coloured red on the FCO map. Khalil says it’s not a problem. This is only because there are land mines left over from the war…..

Western Sahara – getting in

Customs, where my bags are thoroughly searched and my cameras indicate to the man on the scanning machine that I am a journalist.

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24th January 2019

Antarctic Peninsula

We cruise around the shore in zodiacs, admiring the many gigantic icebergs and watching the antics of the gentoo penguins who live in the large rookeries here. The gentoos are distinctive for their white eyebrows, red bills and pink poo
25th January 2019

South Georgia

There are fifty thousand king penguins, adults and chicks nestling under an azure sky, bit parts are played by elephant seals and fur seals and the whole is framed by mountain peaks and a tumbling glacier.