30th April 2018


Our passports have all been re-examined and collected (my own exchange with the immigration officers was very amicable), so now we’re all waiting with trepidation to see if we are to be deported too. After an hour or so we are sent on our way. All is well. Except we are now ten. It’s like an Agatha Christie novel.
12th June 2019


It’s difficult to be grumpy when all the Angolans are so delightfully friendly. Even the men in immigration.
21st December 2002


We have two twenty something guide cum drivers (one South African one Namibian) who amuses us by cooking topless (they are both male) and coping with all the chores. This sort of camping isn’t not too bad at all. It’s just a bit grubby.
18th August 2006

Burkina Faso

Once in Burkina Faso they are momentarily at a loss when the official instructs them to “parler seulement francais ici”. They aren’t the only ones momentarily at a loss as I start grubbing around for my school girl French.
18th May 2013

Cape Verde

I get a really good peek at the scatter of islands that form the Cape Verde group as we swoop in. Hardly anyone in the UK had heard of them. They’re about 300 miles west of Senegal-but used to be part of (also Portuguese colonial) Guinea Bissau. And things get adventuresome as soon as I arrive.
7th October 2018


The scenery today is sublime. We’re on the other side of Karthali, with views down to the coast, more lava flows and an ever extending vista of palm trees. There’s the high Plateau of Diboini, with seven volcanic cones and a whole string of stunning beaches.
12th September 2018


The gorillas are very socially aware. Neptune keeps a close eye on proceedings, peering through the marantaceae, which is frustrating, as it’s difficult to keep him in focus. He ventures out occasionally, to give any overly boisterous youngsters a stern glance. They respond immediately.
9th September 2018

Congo, DR

‘Today, the Congo remains dangerously unstable’ declares Wikipedia. Tourists have recently been kidnapped in eastern Congo and the FCO advises against all travel to that part of the country. I’ve read that navigating the airport and customs is a major endeavour and that a bottle of whisky can come in handy.
14th March 2019


Thousands of geothermal limestone chimneys, up to fifty metres high, belching sulphur into the sky. If you’re looking for a lunar landscape on earth, then eat your heart out Chile and Bolivia.