6th April 1981


An ‘authentic’ Arab feast in a nomad’s style tent with belly dancing for entertainment. We ate brik, roast lamb and couscous.
16th February 2002


The name Casablanca is so evocative - one of the most captivating films of all time. I suppose it was inevitable that the city would be disappointing.
23rd September 2002


I worried before I came out that the zoom on my camera might not be good enough on safari. But I've taken photos of rhino, lion and elephant that filled my frame without using the zoom at all.
23rd September 2002


The procession of iodine daubed wounded at the end of the day has to be seen to be believed. We don’t have time to do much else, which is probably just as well.
23rd September 2002


Hot air ballooning down The Great Rift Valley is an absolute doddle after the white water rafting, very gentle, serene, absolutely fantastic. The gazelles below, leaping along with us and the hippos heads bobbing in the blue pools. I would have done it again the next day if I could
21st December 2002


Arrive at Victoria Falls airport to be charged twice as much as anyone else for our visas. Mugabe doesn’t like the English much. The Falls were almost re-named Mosi-oa-Tunya (Smoke that Thunders) and are majestically beautiful, but there isn’t nearly as much water flowing over the spectacular gorges as on my last visit.
21st December 2002


We have two twenty something guide cum drivers (one South African one Namibian) who amuses us by cooking topless (they are both male) and coping with all the chores. This sort of camping isn’t not too bad at all. It’s just a bit grubby.
21st December 2002


We motor still further south, singing Jonny Clegg’s’ Great Heart’ as we go. Last stop, on the border, is the Orange River, where we have a canoeing expedition. The others get kitted up and splash frenetically. I plead a bad back and am excused active duty. I am paddled along serenely, like the Queen of Sheba. The sunsets here are as blood red as the dunes.
21st January 2003

South Africa – the south coast

Am now on my own in wonderful Cape Town. Glorious weather, fantastic restaurants and bars, (ostrich, sea food and so on) very cheap, laid back, amazing beaches, mountains, vineyards; it’s one of the great cosmopolitan cities..