19th January 2019

Bolivia – Atacama and Uyuni to La Paz

The carved peaks, canyons, huge salt lakes, volcanic cones and flat, open valleys are uniquely beautiful and genuinely rainbow coloured, with starkly contrasting blues, greens, purples, yellow, orange and reds. It’s vividly surreal.
15th August 2000

Bolivia – Titicaca to La Paz

The famous Witches' Market is a fascinating (and creepy) hotch potch of weird items: spell boxes, amulets, lotions and potions, llama foetuses (essential for the foundations of new buildings), aphrodisiacs, snakes, dried frogs, turtles, feathers and armadillos. Presiding over this hocus pocus are the ladies of La Paz in their scarves and bowler hats.