2nd December 1979

France – to and through

France has more tourists than any other country in the world and I’ve visited it more often than any other country in the world.
8th August 1980


Four minutes walk to the Grand Place and we've seen most of the sights now. We sat on the steps in the square and were moved on by the police. Apparently it’s not allowed.
8th August 1980


Don’s not keen on driving in urban areas, and especially not parking in strange towns, but he is persuaded into the city of Luxembourg, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, because of its historic fortifications and old quarters.
9th August 1980


The iconic views of Lake Bled, with its little church on the centre of a tear shaped island, framed by mountain peaks are indeed, breath-taking.
9th August 1980

Italy – There and back again, early journeys

We consumed delicious calamari in a delightful side street restaurant. Gondolas were ruled out, on the grounds of cost, but the arias that accompanied the tourists with money to burn wafted past us.
9th August 1980


Vaduz is a whistle stop tour. Another castle on a hill and the River Rhein.
4th December 1980


 Wikipedia describes this as a tiny principality. It’s not wrong. 40 kilometres from one side to the other.
5th February 1981


North to Stockholm. The scenery the same each side of the road, and in front. Pine trees, fields, lakes and clusters of log cabins.
5th February 1981


Helsinki – an elegant little city crammed with designer shops and a lot of coloured glass. Contemporary is the term I think. Helsinki has one of the highest urban standards of living in the world