2nd December 1979

France – to and through

France has more tourists than any other country in the world and I’ve visited it more often than any other country in the world.
10th August 1980


It was Egypt that really ignited my travel curiosity. I was already besotted with the ancient history –all those gods and goddesses. A friend’s husband, Ian, showed us slides of his student travels. He only took canned food along to avoid the stomach bugs. I was hooked.
30th November 1980

Italy – There and back again, early journeys

We consumed delicious calamari in a delightful side street restaurant. Gondolas were ruled out, on the grounds of cost, but the arias that accompanied the tourists with money to burn wafted past us.
11th September 1988

China – Tibet

The bus breaks down frequently. When it does the drivers disappear underneath, burnishing spanners and more Tibetans appear miraculously and help to get it on its way again. If our bus runs smoothly the road is blocked by other buses or trucks that have broken down, often tipping ominously to one side.
7th September 1990

U.S.A. – Across the Pond – Early Journeys

Strolling through Tribeca, Battery Park, Greenwich Village, Soho (little French restaurants) and up Broadway through Times Square to the Bronx
24th September 1990


Over the Allenby Bridge and into Israel. The wait at immigration isn’t too bad
24th September 1990


Rocks are hurled at the bus. Fortunately, they only dent the paintwork. The nativity church is decorated with glittery lights, surrounded by tacky souvenir shops and surmounted by an illuminated electric star.
22nd November 1990

Germany – Passing Through

A German guy carried my bag onto the boat and gave me some of his bottled beer- Lowenbrau. I didn’t like it much.
13th September 1991

New Zealand – North Island

Rotarua is another mandatory stop in New Zealand. The geysers are prolific, exhilarating and stink of sulphur.