2nd July 2017


Two women on my tour had already been there for a long weekend. They assured me quite firmly that I hadn’t missed anything. In fact the word ‘dump’ was injected into the conversation several times.
30th April 2018


Our passports have all been re-examined and collected (my own exchange with the immigration officers was very amicable), so now we’re all waiting with trepidation to see if we are to be deported too. After an hour or so we are sent on our way. All is well. Except we are now ten. It’s like an Agatha Christie novel.
13th August 2017

American Samoa

In the departure lounge in Apia a cynically pessimistic little Chinese man carries out a running commentary on how most Samoans need two seats and won’t be able to exit the plane door without pushing each other out.
4th December 1980


 Wikipedia describes this as a tiny principality. It’s not wrong. 40 kilometres from one side to the other.
12th June 2019


It’s difficult to be grumpy when all the Angolans are so delightfully friendly. Even the men in immigration.
24th January 2019

Antarctic Peninsula

We cruise around the shore in zodiacs, admiring the many gigantic icebergs and watching the antics of the gentoo penguins who live in the large rookeries here. The gentoos are distinctive for their white eyebrows, red bills and pink poo
31st December 2014

Antigua & Barbuda

Antigua is a country of beguiling bays and is reckoned to have 365 beaches- we’ve been here before- so there is nothing for it but to head to nearby Pigeon Beach, which is yellow and gorgeous, and laze on the sand.
22nd December 2016

Argentina – Buenos Aires

It takes all day to get to Buenos Aires - I arrive at my hotel at eight. I'm lucky. Some poor souls camped out in the baggage hall have been waiting five hours for their luggage as the handlers are on strike too. It seems it was a general transport strike in protest at the government's response ( or lack of it) to proposed tax cuts.
7th January 2005

Argentina – Patagonia

Then to Argentina El Calafate and an excursion to the colossal Perito Moreno glacier. Nearly 300 feet high, a land area the size of Buenos Aires and a mass of blue peaks like giant frozen penguins marching into the sea. (There are more real penguins, too).