30th April 2006
17th August 2006
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Country number: 82
Territory number: 89

When? April 2006, coming overland from Guatemala
How?    Car, boat, plane
Who?    Solo

See what Sue says

‘When man no gat nutt’n fu do he go da sabana an tell cow maanin’

Belize proverb

My car arrives safely at Belmopan airport after navigating more jungle roadways. From there I’m soon winging out to the largest of the cayes- Ambergris. The main town, San Pedro, is packed with Americans driving golf carts through streets thronging with tourists dipping in and of out the many restaurants, cafes and bars. My hotel is a very American self-catering apartment too. A couple, of nights there (rather too many loud families with children) and then I’m off to more peaceful climes via a motor taxi. Now i have a thatched cottage with a gaily tiled bathroom on the beach. This is a blissful end to the trip. Snorkelling trips to tentatively stroke the rays in sting ray alley (they tickle when they waft past) and marvel at the tropical fish on the second largest barrier reef in the world. Pressganged into kayaking cautiously out to the local reef by some (fortunately) energetic fellow sunbathers, who don’t mind doing most of the paddling. Lounging in the sun on the whitest of beaches. And a massage or two.