9th August 1980
5th February 1981
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Country number: 15
Territory number: 17

When?   A long time ago
How?      Overland from Spain , returning to France 
Who?      With Don 

See what Sue says

‘The great Charlemagne, my father,
from the Saracens liberated me
And from heaven he gave me life,
of Meritxell, the great Mother.
I was born a Princess, a Maiden
neutral between two nations.
I am the only remaining daughter,
of the Carolingian empire
Believing and free for eleven centuries,
a believer and free I will be.
The laws of the land be my tutors,
and my Princes[A] defenders!
And my Princes defenders!’

The Great Charlemagne “El Gran Carlemany” , the national anthem of the Principality of Andorra. 

  • Crossing the border from Spain winding into the mountains of what has been called the poor man’s Switzerland. It’s dark and brooding and the little towns, mainly ski resorts, are not at their best in the rain.
  •  We’re still ascending. Through the capital, Andorra La Vella, the highest capital city in Europe, (1,023 metres above sea level). Then, the best known resort, Soldeu, and we’re in France.
  •  Wikipedia describes this as a tiny principality. It’s not wrong. 40 kilometres from one side to the other.
  • Wikipedia goes on to call Andorra microstate. I’ve not heard that one before
  •  And the damp isn’t motivating Don to stop and admire the views. He is still speeding along.
  •  I don’t have any pictures – they weren’t very good and I mislaid them. These came from a friend who enjoyed more sunshine than we did.
  • This is another one to put on the re-visit list

Andorra is officially the Principality of Andorra or the Principality of the Valleys of Andorra. It is the world’s only co-principality; the president of France and the Bishop of Urgell both serve as princes for the country.
The population is about 85,000
Andorra is believed to have been created by Charlemagne
The official language is Catalan; but Spanish, Portuguese, and French are also commonly spoken.[2][11]
Andorra is not a member of the European Union, but the euro is its official currency.
It has been a member of the United Nations since 1993.
Andorra has most visitors in the world per capita. The vast majority of the visitors to Andorra are Spanish and French citizens who go there to shop and purchase fuel at cheaper prices.