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This is the story of my travels recorded in words and pictures – my own window on the world.  (Find my blogs  under the Countries tab,) I’m not going into competition with Lonely Planet. This is an entirely subjective travel guide, in the main reflecting my own impressions and experiences, been there, saw that, thought this. Although, when I come across an intriguing piece of information that’s novel to me I can’t help but include it. It gives me huge pleasure to share what I see and feel and I’m always keen to know if others agree or, even better, feel inspired to visit a place I have written about. My aim is that you should feel what it’s like to be there. Where will you go next? See What Sue Says……

My country count is currently 160 and the linked blog posts are based on the current UN list of sovereign nations plus Taiwan, Kosovo and the Vatican City, also generally considered to be countries, so 196 in all. But on my map (see menu under About Sue – Which countries have I visited?) I have also included other destinations that aren’t on that list like, for example, the Cook Islands. And a number of overseas territories such as the Virgin Islands or French Polynesia are also listed separately, but linked with their mother countries.

Most of my more extensive travel has taken place over the last ten years and these more recent blogs are generally longer and the images of higher quality. Farther back in time I committed fewer thoughts to paper, my camera wasn’t nearly as good and I’d had much less practice. There are a very few countries, in Europe, visited in Ancient Times, when I was younger, for which I have nothing good enough to use at all. Apologies for these and the pages that contain poorer, little or no material. I shall have to go back and do better!

I hope all the BITs are useful to you. Essential Bits, blog Bits, Basic Bits, More Bits. Why BITs? Because  It’s There……

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