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I’ve travelled to 171 countries now. My aim is to visit every country in the world – 196 in all (see the map page for more information on how I arrived at this number). Until quite recently, I thought this was an unattainable dream: cost and danger, countries stricken by war. But now I have A Plan and what looks like an achievable goal.

You‘ll note that I’ve left Yemen to the end – fingers crossed.

On with the plan….watch this space to see how I do.

Sue Rogers

May/June Gabon, (172)  Angola, (173) Sao Tome (174)
July/Aug East Timor (175), Niue, Cocos Keeling Islands, Christmas Island, Norfolk Island
Oct Bahrain (176) Saudi (177)
Dec/Jan Western Sahara, Mauritania (178), Senegal, Guinea-Bissau (179), Guinea (180), Sierra Leone (181) Liberia (182), Mali, (183), Ivory Coast (184), Togo (185), Benin (186), Nigeria (187), Niger (188)
Feb Cameroon (189), Chad (190), Equatorial Guinea (191).
July/Aug CAR (192), Burundi (193)
Autumn and onwards Afghanistan (194), Iraq (195), Yemen (196)

The blogs on this website tell the story of my travels so far, often solo, recorded in words and pictures – my own window on the world.  I’m not going into competition with Lonely Planet. This is an entirely subjective travelogue, in the main reflecting my own impressions and experiences, been there, saw that, thought this. Although, when I come across an intriguing piece of information that’s novel to me I can’t help but include it. It gives me huge pleasure to share what I see and feel and I’m always keen to know if others agree or, even better, feel inspired to visit a place I have written about. My aim is that you should feel what it’s like to be there.

Most of my more extensive travel has taken place over the last ten years and these more recent blogs are generally longer and the images of higher quality. Farther back in time I committed fewer thoughts to paper, my camera wasn’t nearly as good and I’d had much less practice. There are a very few countries, in Europe, visited in Ancient Times, when I was younger, for which I have nothing good enough to use at all. Apologies for these and the pages that contain poorer, little or no material. I shall have to go back and do better – but first I need to visit everywhere at least once. ……

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Somalia – Somaliland

The women congratulate me on my attire, but remonstrate that my hair is showing. ‘Do you have a goat on your head?’


Thousands of geothermal limestone chimneys, up to fifty metres high, belching sulphur into the sky. If you’re looking for a lunar landscape on earth, then eat your heart out Chile and Bolivia.

South Sudan

The next thing I have to do is panic, as I’ve only just read the FCO advice alongside a map of South Sudan; dangerous areas are highlighted in red. The whole country is scarlet. ‘


Next decision: a circumnavigation of  the island, visiting viewpoints on the way back. This is definitely a mistake. The GPS can’t cope and keeps diverting me down unmade roads, where I end up in people’s backyards. Their dogs aren’t too happy about it

“Because it’s there” – George Mallory