May 2019

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So far I've travelled to175/196 countries and I plan to visit and blog about them all!

The plan to finish travelling the world…

I ‘m Sue. My aim is to visit every country in the world. Until quite recently, I thought this was an unattainable dream, in terms of both cost and danger, countries stricken by war. But now I have A Plan and what looks like an achievable goal.

July/Aug 2019: East Timor (175), Niue, Cocos Keeling Islands, Christmas Island, Norfolk Island
Dec 2019/Jan 2020: Western Sahara, Mauritania (176), Senegal, Guinea-Bissau (177), Guinea (178), Sierra Leone (179) Liberia (180), Mali, (181), Ivory Coast (182), Togo (183), Benin (184), Nigeria (185), Niger (186)
Feb 2020: Cameroon (187), Chad (188), Equatorial Guinea (189)
April 2020: Saudi (190), Bahrain(191), Iraq (192) Yemen (193), CAR(194), Burundi(195)
Summer 2020: Some revisits for photos:  Slovenia, Malta, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Belgium, Tunisia, Ireland, Bulgaria, Andorra, Sweden, Finland,Bulgaria
September 2020: Afghanistan (196)

You‘ll note that I’ve left Afghanistan to the end – fingers crossed.

On with the plan….watch this space to see how I do.

Where have I been so far…

The Blogs

The blogs on this website tell the story of my travels so far, often solo, recorded in words and pictures – my own window on the world.  I’m not going into competition with Lonely Planet. This is an entirely subjective travelogue, in the main reflecting my own impressions and experiences, been there, saw that, thought this.  Dive in and read about the countries you’ve visited and the ones you haven’t.  I’d love to hear your experiences so please do email, comment, get in touch…


‘Carl says there are too many loggy obstacles and too much mud between us for them to be able to charge – I’ve got a whole series of pictures of flapping trunks and angry red eyes.

São Tomé e Principe

‘Many bats in this one’, Agostinho says encouragingly, as we approach the fourth tunnel. We’re following the water channel down from the top of the mountain, after climbing up to the waterfall.


It’s difficult to be grumpy when all the Angolans are so delightfully friendly. Even the men in immigration.


With immaculate timing the army has staged a coup in Sudan just as I am setting off for Addis, en route to Khartoum. They immediately shut the airport.

“Because it’s there” – George Mallory