25th January 2018

India – Andaman Islands

Huge badok trees (think mahogany) framed by fragrant flowered creeper, butterflies and birds and the usual accompanying cacophony of sound.
18th January 2018


The city is relentlessly noisy. Everyone drives with their hands on their horns the whole time.
9th January 2018


I’m embarking on a week-long detox fast, complete with self-administered colonic irrigation.
8th January 2018

Brunei Darussalam

Kampung Ayer is (or rather was) a maze of ramshackle structures wobbling on the Brunei River.
6th January 2018


Today I arrive in Manila, my head full of questions as to what a three-year stint here is going to look like. It seems that since I accepted my job offer in December the Philippines has rapidly become once of the most unstable democracies in Asia.
5th January 2018


I’m desperate to see the fabled Rock Islands. Both scenery (UNESCO) and snorkelling are touted as world class.
9th May 2017

North Korea

The burgers are cold and chewy and don’t really taste of anything. So I'm told. I just take photos of mine. And it’s a really bumpy ride. The plane judders- it’s an old Tupolev, one of only two that are allowed into China. They aren’t allowed into Europe at all. It's explained that they are designed for flying rather than comfort – I wish I hadn’t packed my rescue remedy in the hold. The rest of Air Koryo doesn’t seem to do much except sit on the tarmac, swathed in bibs, giving the illusion of a fleet.
9th May 2017

China – Beijing

The nine million bicycles has dwindled to about three. There are at least nine million cars instead, probably more, as it has a population of 22 million. Whilst we are on numbers it is one of the oldest established capital cities in the world and it has seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites – the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, Ming Tombs, and Zhoukoudian, as well as parts of the Great Wall and the Grand Canal.
9th May 2017

Japan – Blossom Tour

I'm in Ishigakijima, one of the Yaeyama islands, Okinawa prefecture. Basically, this is about as far south as Japan goes. Japan here doesn’t seem to be as high tech as I remember it to be but that was 15 years ago. Yes, everyone is toting their gadgets but the stores are utilitarian and piled high with oddments, plastic toys and confectionery, which is annoying, as I've already lost all my electronic chargers.