25th January 2018

India – Andaman Islands

Huge badok trees (think mahogany) framed by fragrant flowered creeper, butterflies and birds and the usual accompanying cacophony of sound.
18th January 2018


The city is relentlessly noisy. Everyone drives with their hands on their horns the whole time.
9th January 2018


I’m embarking on a week-long detox fast, complete with self-administered colonic irrigation.
8th January 2018

Brunei Darussalam

Kampung Ayer is (or rather was) a maze of ramshackle structures wobbling on the Brunei River.
6th January 2018


Today I arrive in Manila, my head full of questions as to what a three-year stint here is going to look like. It seems that since I accepted my job offer in December the Philippines has rapidly become once of the most unstable democracies in Asia.
5th January 2018


I’m desperate to see the fabled Rock Islands. Both scenery (UNESCO) and snorkelling are touted as world class.
31st December 2017

Micronesia (FSM)

It’s cloudy, but there are rewarding glimpses of mountains draped in pea green jungle and swirling turquoise lagoons, the odd boat chugging across.
16th December 2017


The water is azure, framed by the reef and some cliffs topped by ‘Two Lovers Point’.
15th December 2017

Northern Mariana Islands

Whole families committed ritual suicide onto the rocks, or into the boiling sea below, to avoid the shame of surrender to the Americans.